Corten steel owes its name to the abbreviations "cor" (corrosion resistant) and "ten" (tensile strength). The material consists of iron to which chromium, silicon, nickel, phosphorus and copper have been added. Corten steel is a strong, durable material. It has a long service life and is recyclable. It's a weatherproof steel. A typical feature of this material is its rusty colour. Corten steel provides a warm, unique changing effect. The white material evolves from a warm orange to a reddish-brown colour when exposed to the natural elements. It takes about 6 to 18 months, depending on the weather conditions, until the final oxide layer is formed. Thanks to this layer, the underlying material is protected against further rust because oxide is no longer able to reach it. Attention: be aware of the surface on which you place the material during the initial period of the rust process. In the beginning, the material can leave 'traces of rust'. 

The coloured planters are made of powder-coated, electrolytically galvanised steel. The zinc layer on the base material already provides good protection. During the finishing process, the planters are treated with an extra protective layer of primer. For maximum protection, the planters are powder-coated in the desired colours. Powder coating is an electrostatic dyeing process in which powder is sprayed onto a grounded workpiece. This causes the powder to stick temporarily, after which it is melted in an oven. Powder coating offers very durable protection against corrosion and excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Padouk is a high-quality and extremely durable hardwood. It is a very beautiful wood with a luxurious appearance because it becomes beautiful silver grey.

Prices are available on request via info@ferdu.be or via the contact form on this website.

This can be done via the contact form of the website or by sending an e-mail to info@ferdu.be

Yes, you can. Feel free to contact us via info@ferdu.be

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